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Changes to Our New Booking System and our Maryland Wear & Carry Permit Course

We like to keep our community updated and so we want to tell you about some changes we’ve made to our booking process and to our Maryland Wear & Carry Courses. Both of these changes will provide more simplicity, flexibility, and savings to our students.

This past Monday, June 25, 2018, we rolled out a new booking system, which uses Bookeo, and is a great improvement over our old system, Community Root, which we had outgrown.  It allows future students to see a description of each course before giving their personal information and is embedded directly into our homepage.  The new system will also automate many of the notification and reminders that we have previously sent manually, allow us to over new discounts, and .  Check it out when you sign up for your next class.

Our second change is that beginning in July 2018, we’re transitioning the Maryland Wear & Carry Modular system that we rolled out last fall to a simpler two class system that is less expensive, but still packs all the great content you need to learn how to handle a handgun proficiently.  You will be able to get all the hours of training you need to apply for your Maryland Wear & Carry Permit, if that is your goal, or to train to your own goals.  New students will still start with our Basic Handgun class, and then may progress to Defensive Handgun.  Defensive Handgun is divided into Practical (classroom) days and range time at our local live-fire range.

Defensive Handgun will start at $95 per session.  Combined with Basic Handgun and taken to get the required number of hours, this reduces the overall cost of Maryland Wear & Carry Permit training for our students by 5%.  Those training for the Maryland Wear & Carry Permit will be provided with a training log that is verified by our staff of instructors, all of which are NRA Certified and licensed by the Maryland State Police.

Questions?  Email us at or call/text (443) 962-7446.

Train safe!

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