New Instructor Level Course Requirement and Training Manual

At Master Arms & Tactical, LLC, we are fortunate enough to be able to provide a wide variety of courses in the NRA’s Basic and Instructor level programs.  Recently, the NRA updated it’s Training Counselor Guide.  This guide provides our Training Team with information and guidance on how to properly deliver courses in our ongoing partnership with the NRA Training & Education Department.

The recent update included a requirement for future Instructor Candidates to complete the Basic level course in their chosen discipline before they would be accepted into the corresponding Instructor level certification course. Enforcement of this requirement was delayed until July 1, 2018 due to the possibility candidates in previously scheduled Instructor courses would not have the opportunity to complete the Basic course in time to qualify.  However, we have attempted to comply with the letter of this requirement before the July 1 deadline wherever possible, even if that meant waiving the fees for Basic level courses in each Instructor Candidate’s respective discipline.

Since the July 1 deadline is approaching, we wanted to let all potential Instructor Candidates know that Basic Classes will be held over the summer as currently scheduled, but that we will not be conducting any further Instructor level courses until Fall.  This should give ample time for all Instructor Candidates to complete the required classes.  Additionally, we will discontinue the practice of waiving Basic level course fees for Instructor Candidates.  This is done for two reasons: 1) We will likely need to conduct more Basic level courses to meet this increased demand, and 2) we would have to back-fill Basic level courses with paid Instructor Candidates to ensure proper registration.

Because this represents an effective price increase for Instructor Candidates, we will be providing all Instructor Candidates with a new training manual.  The Master Arms & Tactical Manual for Students of Weapons Craft will be a reference guide, a training log, and a diagnostic manual to help our students, even those new to firearms, become proficient to the level where they can pick up almost any gun and use it effectively.  The manual will also include why, when and how to defend themselves and loved ones, with particular attention to self-defense law in Maryland.  Our goal is to create safe, well rounded, and thoughtful armed citizens.  This manual will be available to all other students at a cost to be determined.

We agree with the NRA’s decision to require Basic level courses for all Instructor Candidates, because we feel it makes for a more solid foundation of learning in Instructor Candidates.  We want to create the safest, most trained students at the best prices available.  Come join us for a class and see what all the buzz is about!