Refund & Payment Policy

At Master Arms & Tactical, we take your training seriously and dedicate our time to your firearm safety and proficiency.  In order to confirm your seat in class, you must accept our Refund & Payment Policy.

Classes and Private Lessons.

  • Tuition for classes must be paid in advance.
  • If you are unable to attend class any reason, we’ll happily reschedule you in the next class at no cost.  Just give us a call or text at 410-980-1045
  • If you have been rescheduled and miss the class a second time, we will not issue a refund.
  • Generally speaking, we do not issue refunds if you chose to leave class after it has begun or after you have completed the class.  There are some exceptions to this.  See Exceptions below.
  • We do not issue refunds for classes you have taken for which it has been determined that you are ineligible.  Examples include NRA Instructor certifications and Maryland Wear & Carry permit.

Private Lessons Only

  • If you need to reschedule a private lesson, please call us at 410-980-1045.
    • Remember that our instructors need time to travel to the classroom or range to meet you, so if you cancel without notice, we still need to compensate them.  The following fees will apply.
      • $25 per hour scheduled if the change is made less than 2 hours before the start.

Range Fees

  • If you leave the range without paying for your range time or ammo, you will be charged a minimum fee of $25 or the amount of your bill, whichever is higher.


  • Weather and family emergencies are reasonable excuses to be late to class, skip, or leave.  Just let us know and we’ll reschedule you for free.


  • Refunds are processed by our credit card processor via our bank.
  • Once we initiate a refund, it may take up to 30 days to be received by your bank in your account.

Updated August 30, 2023