Maryland Wear & Carry, Part 2 – Links & Information

  1. Holsters – Here are a few videos about holsters to help get you up to speed on what kind of holsters you might want to get, and some to avoid.

  2. How to Carry  – Of course, we say to carry concealed, but inside the waistband?  Outside with a cover garment?  Appendix?  Here’s a video from Massad Ayoob that discusses different carry configurations.
  3. F.A.S.T. Drills – Check out this article and the link they include to pistol drills to increase accuracy and speed, which will help if you ever have to use your handgun in self-defense.
  4. Podcasts/Radio Shows about Concealed Carry – A great way to get more information about concealed carry and gun training is radio shows and podcasts, and you can listen to them on the road.  Check out this link to shows about Concealed Carry.  Try to listen to a few and see if you like any enough to subscribe.
  5. Dot TortureThis is a link to another pistol drill you can try at the range.  You can print out the target on a regular sheet of paper for free.
  6. Confortable Concealed Carry Explained – In this video, common problems and solutions are discussed for how to carry comfortably.  PHLster is a great resource for everyone who wants to carry every day.
  7. Avoid These 3 Carry Mistakes – Check out this video from USCCA about concealed carry mistakes.
  8. If you’re going to carry a loaded firearm for self-defense, you should have self-defense insurance.  Self-defense insurance is inexpensive and protects your rights and your freedom.  Consider that, even in a righteous shoot, you are looking at $60-80,000 in legal bills.  Denny and Matt maintain both USCCA and US Law Sheild memberships.  Check out these links for self-defense insurance.USCCAUS Law Sheild 
  9. If you haven’t begun filling out your Maryland Wear & Carry Permit, start now by visiting this link.
  10. If you got this far, log your time in your training log.
  11. Send us a text at 410-980-1045 that says “I finished all the homework!”
  12. Complete your application and let us know if you have any questions.