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.223 vs 5.56

Not a new question, by any means, but a persistent one: when purchasing an AR15, is there a difference between .223 and 5.56?  This blog post attempts to provide some insight. AR-15 .223 vs Mil-Spec 5.56mm ChambersGet the right chamber for your AR15 to be successfull Even though many manufacturers and specifications say you can use the SAAMI .223 and Mil-Spec 5.56 mm in the same barrel, there are some pros and considers to consider before you plunk down that hard earned cash.
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Suppressors as Form of Hearing Protection Validated by Spokane, WA

Spokane Police officers patrol rifles will be outfitted with Gemtech suppressors to help protect hearing as  the city attempts to insulate itself against legal costs of worker’s compensation claims and potential lawsuits. Five officers in recent years have filed claims with the Washington Department of Labor and Industries for hearing loss as a result of gunfire. Now that a municipality in a comparatively liberal state as rated by the Brady Campaign (crimadvisor link) has effectively validated that suppression is for hearing protection, what’s the argument against suppressors?
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The Re-Militarization of Police Forces

In a Washington Post article from August 27, 2017, the militarization of police forces was discussed as President Donald Trump was planning to resume the transfer of surplus weapons, vehicles and other equipment from the United States military to state and local law enforcement agencies. While many disagree with the move, a background paper prepared by the Department of Justice cited two articles in which the American Economic Journal found that distributing military weapons and equipment to civilian law enforcement had “generally positive effects” and “reduced street-level crime.” One of the studies calculated that for every $5,800 in military aid given to law enforcement agencies through the 1033 program, society saved about $112,000 in costs due to prevented crime. What are your thoughts on providing military style gear to police forces?
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